Keeping up-to-date and training

In today’s world, keeping up with all the things going on in the various fields of development is a big challenge. So how not to get lost? What resources are available to learn new technologies? In this post I will share my favourite learning channels, hoping some of you will find it interesting, and share their favourite resources as well.


Setting up your environment A to Z


In the previous series of articles, I explained about the different pieces required to get started with web development. This article will walk you through all the steps to go  from a blank machine to a full-fledged web development box. It will cover the installation of the different tools you will need, but will not get into the details of  what those tools do (see here) or how they work.


Getting set up for web development – part 5: CSS pre-processors

In the previous article, I talked about JavaSript. This article will talk about CSS pre-processors. Not really being the CSS guy, This article will be shorter that the previous ones.


CSS pre-processors are kind of the same thing as JavaScript supersets, in the sense that they provide a layer above CSS to help fill some holes in native CSS. While allowing you to do more than native CSS, your output file will still be a CSS file understood by the browser.


Getting set up for web development – part 4: JavaScript supersets

In the previous article, I talked about the different libraries I like to use in my projects. This article will talk about JavaScript supersets, with more emphasis on TypeScript.


By JavaScript supersets I mean a language that compiles to JavaScript but is not just JavaScript. Yes, they do exist. There is actually a lot of them, as you can see there.