My name is Hugues Stefanski.

I currently work at WideTech SA, where I am head of the software development team. I graduated as a chemical engineer, started learning development in C#, and landed in web development.

I am a big fan of Angualr, D3js, the open-source community and PluralSight, and author of ldd3.

I am 30ish, single, metalhead, and live in Belgium.

You can find me on twitter, github and stack overflow.

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  1. nelson

     /  September 8, 2018


    please ı need you help to make this
    work for me using typescript.. please.. I need to send a json data from angular project to this d3 js file..

    look forward to hearing from you. my mail address is gurelsoycaner@gmail.com

    thanks in advance.



    • Hi,
      That’s kind of a big job… Do you already have a basis on which to start working? I think the first step would be to break the code down in smaller js pieces, and then converting these piece by piece to TypeScript. It seems not mush of it is d3-related, so if you are familiar with TS already, that should not be too much of a problem
      Then let me know what are the areas that seem difficult to you, and I’ll try and help you from there


  1. Creating a chart with D3 and TypeScript – part 3 | Wandering in the community

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