Keeping up-to-date and training

In today’s world, keeping up with all the things going on in the various fields of development is a big challenge. So how not to get lost? What resources are available to learn new technologies? In this post I will share my favourite learning channels, hoping some of you will find it interesting, and share their favourite resources as well.


Podcasts are one of my favourite ways to learn about new stuff. I tend to download them and listen to them in my car while commuting, so that I make a better use of that otherwise wasted time. I would recommend:

  • Javascript Jabbers: a weekly show about everything related to Javascript development (client or server)
  • .NET Rocks!: with 3 shows a week, a very frequent podcast covering a wide range of topics related to .NET and the Microsoft stack in general, but also scientific related topics, such as space travel
  • Angular Air: as suggested by the name, a weekly show about AngularJS. The specificity lies in the fact that the show is aired live, and allows listeners/viewers to ask questions that are answered at the end of the show.
  • Adventures in Angular: a second weekly AngularJS show
  • The PolicyViz podcast: a podcast related to data visualization


For those of you who prefer reading over listening, channels for learning are available as well.


Blogs are a great way to get information on a particular topic. Some great blogs I personally like are:

  • thoughtram: a very technical blog that tends to cover specific topics in great depth. Main topics are Angular (1 or 2) and git.
  • John Papa: covering various topics related to the worlds of Web and .NET development. Very clear and well explained articles.
  • Scott Hanselman: .NET and Microsoft related articles.Great to follow up with latest news


For those of you who, like me, prefer when the information comes wihout having to fetch it, newsletters are an easy way to get news. I personnally follow two:


If you are more inclined to learn by watching someone do, loads of resources are available to train yourself:

  • Youtube offers free videos over a lot of topics. Due to the fact that anybody can upload what he wants, the quality of the videos and sound may vary, but the content is generally pretty good. One example is Dan Wahlin’s introduction to AngularJS
  • Pluralsight has more than 4000 courses relating to software development, IT, design, etc. Anything you need to learn, there is a course about it. They offer a 10-day free period, then the cost is 29$/month, totally worth it. Courses are 4 to 10hours long,  divided in sub-modules, allowing to cover subjects in great details
  • also has over 4000 courses, and covering the same areas as Pluralsight. Having no subscription, I cannot talk much about it. 10 days free trial, then 25$/month
  • Front-end masters focuses on front-end development. From their web site, “Courses contain three and a half to six hours of videos that are broken down into 5-15 minute learning modules.”. Some of their courses are available through Pluralsight, and are awesome. 39$/month
  • focuses on web development, and offers short video capsules (a couple of minutes) about very specific subject. They have free videos accessible, and a pro subscription at 19.99$/month

Meetups and conferences

Finally, one of the best way to keep up-to-date with technology is to attend conferences or meetups about the topics you are interested in. I won’t take any example here, as there are so many of these, spread all over the world, and covering all kinds of subjects. Just search about the topic you are interested in, and see if you can find some things around you. Most big conferences can be followed live via Youtube, or sessions are recorded and can be viewed afterwards.

Final word

As usual, thanks for reading me. I hope you find some useful resources here, and do not hesitate to share you favorite sources of information!

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